Body Massage

Deep inside we long for acceptance and loving care and touch.

Allowing another person to touch you in such an emotional depth, in an intensity which helps you dare to relinquish self-control step by step and start to rely on the waves of your feelings and sentiments, requires trust, based on absolute appreciation and acceptance as well as on the professionalism of the masseur.


All my massages start with and are based on the body massage.


Lingam Massage

The Lingam massage is an effective massage for men. You will experience great sexual pleasure, feel accepted in your masculinity and will learn to direct your sensual energies with higher awareness. This sensuous art of touching offers men a chance to become acquainted with completely new possibilities and ways of sexual enjoyment. It offers a new perspective to the self-perception of being a man and points out the real potential of the male sexual organ.

The Lingam massage includes the massage of your testicles. The intensity of the testicle stimulation depends on the sensitivity of your testicles.

The Lingam massage is the culmination of an extensive and sensitive whole-body massage and might last between 1.5 and 3 hours, depending on your choice.


Prostate Massage

The anal or prostate massage as well as the massage of the entire pelvic floor is a source of deep lust and sexual sensation. A relaxed anus during the phase of full erection is very important for men´s sexuality. The maximum of relaxation developing during the extensive and tender anal massage helps men to get in touch with their capacity of loving devotion, opens their hearts and intensifies their general affirmation of themselves and the world. Deep sexual emotions suddenly might be felt.

Most men are surprised about the sudden pleasure and lust they feel in an anal or prostate massage. They desire this particular depth and long for this abandon in their sexual experience and practice.




Yoni Massage

The Yoni massage is a holistic massage for women. Not only the whole body but also the genital area will be carefully treated. Step by step, with high intensity women get more familiar with their own sexuality and consequently learn how to communicate their own wishes and desires more explicitly. The Yoni massage makes women more confident in acting out their sexuality in a self-confident, sensual and expressive way.


A clearly defined setting which is totally focused on your needs and desires offers you the chance to try out something completely new. You can leave old burdens behind and discover exciting new “corners” of your Yoni that were so far unknown. You learn how to stand up for your sexual needs and conditions with self-confidence, love and affection. My Yoni massage is an experience of enormous intensity and might put you in touch with really strong feelings.


After an extended whole-body massage I will accompany you with great care and affection on your voyage to your own inner and outer genital area (Sanskrit: Yoni). I would like to help you exploring your sexuality with a new attitude, without expectations or pressure to perform – a good basis for more lust as well as healing.

The Yoni massage is the culmination of an extensive and sensitive whole-body massage and might last between 1.5 and 3 hours, depending on your choice.


Four Hand Massage

Discover the experience of a sensual four hand massage performed by two sensitive women. The moves of four hands on your body will always be surprisingly.

To perform a four hand massage I will be accompanied by a female colleague.


Outcall Service

I offer outcall service only. Please contact

Cell: +63 947 522 6922 or +63 926 779 5388


If you like a short termed appointment please call as I do not check emails daily. Thank you!


For a massage booking I need your full name (first and family name) as many hotel receptions deny access to the floors without these datas.

In any case I kindly ask you to confirm your email booking via cellphone when you have checked into the hotel. When you do this confirmation, please tell me your room number as well.

That you take a shower before the massage goes without saying, right? :-)



With my heart and mind,

and the inner knowledge of dignity,

instinct and deep satisfaction of human sexuality I accompany the individual person in their sexual experience.


Trust my sensitive competence and

longstanding profound experience.


I love this kind of work very much and really look forwad to meet you.



My rates do not depend on the part of your body I massage.

I massage your penis, prostate, clitoris or vagina with the same passion as your legs and butts – no need for different rates.

My rates depend on the time I pamper you. This is my service which needs no extras and no extra costs.

My massage will excite and relax you deeply – deeper than extras that other services offer. You just have to lay back and let me guide you through feelings you may never felt before.

(four hands)

1.5 hrs = 2500 PHP / 4500 PHP For massages in Paranaque

2.0 hrs = 3000 PHP / 5250 PHP and Alabang I need to add

2.5 hrs = 3500 PHP / 6000 PHP PHP 1000.00

3.0 hrs = 4000 PHP / 7500 PHP for travelling time & costs.



A genital massage is not a handjob. You need to experience the massage to understand the difference.


Of course you are cordially invited to have an orgasm and ejaculate - almost all my clients (male & female) like to finalize the massage with an orgasm.

It is my pleasure to guide you there and crown an unforgettable experience.


The photos above show me, Jackie.


The photos below are intended to give you an idea of the massage as most people are not familiar with a massage of these parts of the body.



My rules


The massages I give are based on respect. You are absolutely right to expect my respect when I massage you. But respect is what I demand from you as well. Please read my rules carefully and respect them. If my rules do not correspond to your requirements please contact someone else. Thank you for understanding and acceptance.


There is no extra service.

I do not offer sex or any kind of penetration. I am the active part and you receive the massage as the passive part. So lay back and enjoy as you would do with any other kind of massage.

I respect the women and girls that combine some massage techniques with sexual services as intercourse or/and oral sex. Please respect that I do not offer these services. The sexual pleasure you are going to experience is exclusively raised by the massage techniques.


I do not work naked.

The massage is not about me - its about you. It is your sexual energy that is raised, supported and guided by my massage. I experienced that being naked is misunderstood by clients. I therefore prefer to wear short panty and bra to underline the border between massage and sex.


Working time

First massage of the day starts at 9 am - last massge starts at 1:00 am.







If you never experienced the massage of your genitals the following photos will remind you of a common "handjob" (for him as well as for her).

I understand that - nevertheless your impression is wrong.


A handjob aims to bring you to the climax with quick, goal oriented moves, stimulating the common, popular spots which you stimulate with masturbation as well to trigger an orgasm. For men this is usually the up- and downgoing fist around your penis (simulating a vagina) and the stimulation of the frenulum area - for women its the in- and outgoing of fingers (simulating a penis) and the stimulating of the clitoris. There is nothing wrong with that - but this is not a genital massage.


The genital massage explores all spots of your genital with slow, unpremeditated moves. You will discover the magic of underestimated spots that will arouse you in new, unusual ways. The initial body massage will help you to relax and drop your expectations of the stimulation you are used to feel. This relaxation will give you space for the new exciting feelings triggered by the massage. Accordingly your orgasm will be released by unimagined sensations.